LVMPDLayered Video Multicast with Priority Dropping
LVMPDLas Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
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At the LVMPD, these categories are: Residential Burglaries, Commercial Burglaries, Auto Burglaries, Grand Larceny Auto, and Robbery.
Using this data, the Command Staff of the LVMPD can help keep their fingers on the pulse of the community and respond to criminal activities in a timely manner.
By using years of crime statistics and mapping where the highest concentration of events has occurred, officers from the LVMPD Crime Solving Unit at the Downtown Area Command have been able to plan covert operations in an effort to reduce the number of street robberies in certain areas.
The largest police department in Nevada, the LVMPD serves about 1.
The addition of IBM's crime-fighting software will enable LVMPD to quickly organize and rapidly analyze vast quantities of seemingly unrelated data currently housed in four disparate databases.
The LVMPD chose OpenSky due to its true IP-based connectivity, a technology quickly becoming the network infrastructure of choice among public safety communications agencies.
Using a series of network gateways, the LVMPD OpenSky system will readily interoperate with the State of Nevada's Shared Radio System, a M/A-COM EDACS system that extends across the major counties of the state, as well as other systems in the area.
The LVMPD project is one of several managed service contracts awarded to NEC in the past three months, distinguishing NEC as a premier provider of the Identity as a Service (IDaaS) model to law enforcement agencies in North America.
We are pleased to have offered our IDaaS model, relieving LVMPD of a large capital expenditure and enabling the implementation of this upgrade through their operational budget.
Instead of spending hours manually checking mugbooks and files, the LVMPD now will have a database of digital images that can be searched online in minutes for possible suspects.
In addition, the LVMPD will use the CrimeWeb mugshot database to complete background checks and issue the work cards required for Las Vegas casino employees.
We are especially proud of the fact that this advanced system was cut over (switched on) and accepted by LVMPD in less than 30 days.