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LVPLiga de Videojuegos Profesional (Spanish: Professional Videogame League)
LVPLLS (Laser Leveling System) Vertical Position
LVPLive Video Player
LVPLeft Ventricular Pressure (electrocardiograms)
LVPLeast Valuable player
LVPLow Vapor Pressure
LVPLarge Volume Parenteral
LVPLarge Volume Paracentesis
LVPLiberal Vannin Party (politics; Isle of Man)
LVPLow Visibility Procedure (aviation procedure for ground operation in low visibility)
LVPLow Voltage Protection
LVPLas Venturas Playground (gaming)
LVPLehigh Valley Paintball (Emmaus, PA)
LVPLargest Vertical Pocket
LVPLinking Verb Predicate (grammar)
LVPLavan, Iran (Airport Code)
LVPLauren Van Patten
LVPLaser Voltage Probe
LVPLucent Voice Player
LVPLivin' Peace Productions
LVPLand Value Potential (various locations)
LVPLabor Video Project (San Francisco, CA)
LVPLast-Value Predictor
LVPLittle Village Playhouse (theatre company; Pleasantville, NY)
LVPLucy Van Pelt (Peanuts character)
LVPLatino Vote Project
LVPLiving la Vida Pinka
LVPLow Value Pool (Australia)
LVPLiverpool Lime Street Station (Railway code)
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d) and (e) show the entire time-course of developed LVP (DLVP) and end diastolic LVP (EDLVP), respectively.
Hemodynamic variables in indicated groups of animals on the experimental day 56 of Zn supplementation Control (n = 9) Diabetes (n = 7) Heart rate (bpm) 468 [+ or -] 29 450 [+ or -] 32 SBP (mmHg) 114 [+ or -] 14 124 [+ or -] 2 DBP (mmHg) 80 [+ or -] 12 88 [+ or -] 13 LVP (mmHg) 118 [+ or -] 7 102 [+ or -] 5 ** LVEDP (mmHg) 5.
They are either offering discounts to encourage the use of cash or are disallowing the use of plastic for LVPs altogether.
Experts were asked to give logical appraise of the MIP process as provided by the LVP, by verbally describing the artifacts of LVP work culture.
1 mg/mL then subsequent doses increased in acute phase whereas in sustained phase LVP was decreased concentration-dependently (P less than 0.
The most important finding in this study is that LVP can be predicted using a simple test: standard 12-lead ECG.
During ventricular systole, change in LVP is much more prominent than change in LAR with the exceptions of presence of V-wave.
Viking Pump's innovative LVP Series of stainless steel Vane Pumps provide up to 14 Bar (200 PSI) thin liquid capability at capacities up to 36 [M.
LVP publishes educational and teacher-resource materials covering computer applications and programming.
Toshiba America Electronic Components expanded its family of low voltage operation, low power consumption LVP Series L-MOS (one gate Logic ICs) with five dual logic gates in two thin, compact six-pin packages.