LVPCBLow-Voltage Power Circuit Breaker
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The LVPCB and MCCB power losses of Tables 4 and 5 are valid for balanced three phase operation and frame size currents.
Figure 5 shows the average maximum power loss for fused and non-fused LVPCB derived from manufacturer literature.
Bus Bars Vertical bus Horizontal and Horizontal and bars--3 phase Vertica bus Vertical bus bars--3 phase bars--3 phase and ground Breaker Rated Up to 1200 amps 150 to 5000 800 to 5000 amps Current amps Access Only from the Front and rear Front and rear front access access Disconnect Fusible Switch Fusible Switch LVPCB Devices MCCB MCCB ICCB LVPCB FLVPCB--Fused low-voltage power circuit breaker