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LVQLearning Vector Quantization
LVQLattice Vector Quantization
LVQLiteracy Volunteers of Quebec (Canada)
LVQLearned Vector Quantization
LVQLaughing Very Quietly
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The idea to develop LVQ was conceived in light of Qatar's growing need for logistical support and expertise.
Undoubtedly," said Menon, "introduction of the LVQ infrastructure has had a big impact on both GWC and industry as a whole.
The LVQ was tested with bit-mapping, Fan-beam transformation and Radon transformation.
Linear Vector Quantization using Bit Mapping: In Bit-mapping LVQ the segmented characters are directly fed as an input to Neural Network for training.
LVQ is another neural classification network, originally suggested by Teuvo Kohonen (c.
An evaluation of MDA, logit, LVQ, and BP methods is performed for each of the five data sets using the current year and 1-year prior model.
A special feature of the implementation is a combinatorial module for distance comparison that allows the execution of this important operation for a LVQ in just one clock cycle.
The research was carried out by LVQ Children's Omnibus.
As we near 100% utilisation of the LVQ in the next couple of years, we are already exploring the opportunity of setting up another such village in another part of Qatar," the company's board informed the shareholders yesterday at the annual general assembly.
LVQ is Qatar's largest and most modern logistics facility.
LVQ will open with strike prices of 17-1/2, 20 and 22-1/2, and position limits of 7,500 contracts.
GWC will support hypermarket's supply chain innovation programme from the LVQ facility.