LVRTLow Voltage Ride Through
LVRTLamoille Valley Rail Trail (Vermont, USA)
LVRTLaparoscopic Vaginal Radical Trachelectomy (gynecology)
LVRTLebanon Valley Rail Trail (Lebanon County, Pennsylvania)
LVRTLinear Variable Reluctance Transducer
LVRTLas Vegas Running Team (Las Vegas, NV)
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It features embedded low-voltage-ride-through (LVRT) test windows to allow for simple programming of compliance routines including the new 10% LVRT requirements.
I am convinced the LVRT solutions of w2pS can play as important a role in the wind sector in China as they did in Spain.
In 2009, w2pS successfully secured a market share of 40% in Spain, then the world's most mature and first LVRT retrofit market for wind energy.
The LVRT requirement is specified under the grid code, and refers to the WTGs' ability to react properly to sudden fluctuations in grid voltage, and to remain connected to the grid under these abnormal conditions.
0MW WTG with a built-in full power converter that has successfully passed the LVRT test," said Chuanwei Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ming Yang.
According to Sinovel, since 2006, when AMSC began to provide core components for it, its transducers of products have been experiencing a higher failure rate and have not yet passed the LVRT test.
Recently we have found that there is tremendous focus on LVRT capability and associated legal disputes.
The Company also confirmed all of its wind turbines are capable of fulfilling LVRT requirements.
0MW turbine does not qualify for the LVRT requirements.
LVRT is a volunteer-run organization whose purpose is build, fund raise, maintain and manage the Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail.