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LVSLinux Virtual Server
LVSLayout Versus Schematic
LVSLas Vegas Sands Corporation (Nevada; also seen as LVSC)
LVSLive Vaccine Strain
LVSLas Vegas, New Mexico (Airport Code)
LVSLow Voltage Switchgear
LVSLaser Vibration Sensor
LVSLogistical Vehicle System
LVSLaunch Vehicle Simulator
LVSLiberty, Vice, San Andreas (gaming, GTA: San Andreas modification)
LVSLogistics Vehicle System (USMC) (US DoD)
LVSLoose Vowel Syndrome
LVSLocal Vision System
LVSLocal Voice Service
LVSLow Volume Scanner
LVSLingnan Visiting Scholars
LVSLong Vowel Sound
LVSLinksys Voice System (telecommunications)
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As variaveis aqui apresentadas sao resultantes do cruzamento desses dados do SGA com os documentos retidos nos LVS.
While LVS has targeted SUVs and pick-up trucks in North America, it is spreading its aim far wider in Europe due to the fact that the light truck market here is far less developed.
With a new president, new products and a new strategy, LVS appears to be refocusing itself.
One of the three patients with inadequate LVS technique (inability to insert the MDI into the LVS) could use an MDI adequately.
LVS also maintains a strong business profile supported by high quality assets in attractive regulatory regimes, which provides the company with the best global market exposure profile in the industry.
Established in Peachtree City, GA, USA, in 1993, LVS has become a leading provider of label inspection, print inspection, and bar code verification products and services for the life sciences and other industries.
the wheel tracking tests (WTT), in conformity with LVS EN 12697-22:2007 Bituminous Mixtures Test Methods for Hot Mix Asphalt--Part 22: Wheel tracking and the cyclic pressure test (CPT), in conformity with LVS EN 12697-25:2005 Bituminous Mixtures--Test Methods for Hot Mix Asphalt--Part 25: Cyclic Compression Test;
For more than 20 years, the original Oshkosh LVS vehicles have served the Marine Corps well during training missions as well as during combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq," said Robert G.
This time FMC FoodTech's unique LVS technology was used, where liquid / vapour separation takes place within a vessel inside the freezer.
LVS noted very healthy demand trends, as Macau EBITDA grew 16% despite a negative impact from luck.
The LVS 7000 is a vision-based system designed to inspect print quality at line speeds and provides master-to-label comparison (blemish detection); print quality inspection; delta E color process control; ID and 2D barcode verification and ISO grading; optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV) inspection (includes duplicate checking and random or sequential data validation); and e-pedigree module for track-and-trace.