LVSCLas Vegas Sports Consultants
LVSCLondon Voluntary Service Council
LVSCLas Vegas Sands Corporation (Nevada; also seen as LVS)
LVSCLas Vegas Sports Committee
LVSCLeft Ventricular Stroke Count
LVSCLas Vegas Scrapbook Club (Las Vegas, NV)
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Animosity over Suen's lawsuit also lingered "like a festering sore," according to an internal memo by an LVSC board member.
Rob Goldstein, the current president of LVSC, later said in court that he believed Jacobs was Adelson's heir apparent.
In 2013, LVSC acknowledged in its public filings that it had "likely" violated the accounting provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
SAS enables us to access, aggregate, sort and view any available data point at any time," said Rom Hendler, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, LVSC.
When LVSC began rolling out its innovative profit optimization approach, it combined revenue management, sales and marketing, and CRM to more clearly understand individual customer profitability.
SAS Analytics supported the organizational and cultural change LVSC needed to build its global marketing program.
Kenny White, Chief Operating Officer of LVSC, added: "We're very pleased to be announcing this deal with Cantor Gaming.
With research showing that online payment plans increase donations, generate more revenue sooner, and improve patron relations; we decided it was time for Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County to move in that direction," said Beth Ybarra, Director of Development and Marketing for LVSC.
LVSC uses NetCharge with a seamless link to its Web site, http://www.
LVSC, like other non-profit organizations including churches and schools, can add more options for annual events and periodic fundraising campaigns during the year.