LVSILymphovascular Space Involvement
LVSILean Value Solutions International (East Windsor, CT)
LVSILow Voltage Synchronous Installations
LVSILeft Ventricular Stroke Index
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The results in terms of node locations, DG ratings, NVD, LVSI and lowest voltage magnitude (LVM), before and after DG placement are compared with those of the existing methods in Table-1.
km] LVM lowest voltage magnitude seen in the network LVSI lowest VSI seen in the network [L.
The presence of LVSI alone is not a contraindication to trachelectomy.
According to the risk assessments, patients with LVSI had a risk of pelvic LNM five times that of patients without LVSI; patients with a depth of cervical stromal invasion >1/2 had a risk of pelvic LNM three times that of patients with a depth of cervical stromal invasion ≤1/2, and patients with parametrial invasion had a risk of pelvic LNM nine times that of patients without parametrial invasion.
LVSI, parametrial invasion, and the depth of cervical stromal invasion are independent clinicopathological characteristics of pelvic LNM in Stage IA-IIB cervical squamous cell carcinoma.
We operate in a heavily regulated industry, and it is important for our guests to know that we operate with the utmost integrity," said David Friedman, Assistant to the Chairman of the Board, LVSI.
LVSI was approached by certain businesspersons in Taiwan to discuss opportunities and to arrange a meeting between Sheldon G.
Pro denied the Union's request for summary judgment, thereby allowing LVSI to proceed to trial on its claim that the Union violated its 1994-1997 collective bargaining agreement by engaging in a pressure campaign against LVSI in connection with the closure of the Sands.
The suit alleges that the union violated the collective bargaining agreement, which applied to the old Sands, by interfering with its business in an attempt to pressure LVSI to agree to a so-called neutrality agreement.
The complaint also alleges: "The Union is improperly engaged in lobbying and pressuring the Clark County Board of Commissioners and others to deny or to delay the granting to LVSI of licenses, permits and approvals necessary for the development, construction, opening and operation of the Venetian.
Both Richard Heller, Vice President and General Manager, and Jeff Beckelman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, members of the LVSI team since 1989, will continue in their roles for the Sands Expo and Convention Center.
In addition to the entrepreneurial and development skills of Adelson, LVSI will employ William P.