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LVTLeasehold Valuation Tribunal (UK)
LVTLicensed Veterinary Technician
LVTLand Value Taxation
LVTLow Volume Terminal
LVTLanding Vehicle Tracked
LVTLuxury Vinyl Tile
LVTLars Von Trier (Danish filmmaker)
LVTLow Voltage Transformer
LVTLow Voltage Technology
LVTLovington (New Mexico town)
LVTLocal Virtual Time
LVTLipid Vector Technology (pharmaceuticals)
LVTLow-Voltage BiCMOS Technology (family of logic integrated circuits)
LVTLight Valve Technology
LVTLogovisual Technology
LVTLeuk Voor Thuis (Dutch: Nice to take with you)
LVTLow Voltage Threshold
LVTLow Voltage Transceiver
LVTLowest Virtual Time
LVTLeft Ventricular Tachycardia
LVTLas Vegas Travel (Las Vegas, NV)
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A 16-week follow-up was utilized since current guidelines recommend 3 months of therapy if actively prophylaxing against LVT formation.
Four years ago, after discussions with several stakeholders that included JCEDC, LVT and the Mauston School District, the first iLEAD Charter School was started as a combined program of the I&E Club and the Mauston schools.
IVC is the fastest growing manufacturer of LVT in Europe, and their manufacturing expertise will help start up our new Belgian LVT factory faster.
LVT flooring is composed of a highly filled core layer--usually with an integrated glass mat--plus decorative film and a wear-protection layer.
Being an LVT means getting your hands dirty and doing some grunt work.
We are extremely pleased to announce this agreement with LVT.
The agreement was signed by Sharif and LVT managing director Hans Jorgen Nelsen in the presence of Bahrain's Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Hassan Fakhro and Al Rayes.
The LVT considered that a reasonable person would find them no more annoying than a satellite dish, therefore, there was no such breach.
The residents first approached the LVT in 2008 and finally, in June 2009, they won the right to manage the development and appoint Centrick Property of Knowle and Birmingham as their chosen property manager.
The lads seemed remarkably relaxed as we towed out in May for the second race of the LVT Series in Sardinia, to face British Team Origin and its high-octane skipper, three-time Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainslie.
Ryan Veterinary Hospital, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA; Lorelei Tibbetts, LVT, The Center for Avian and Exotic Pet Care, New York, NY, USA; and Suzanne Topor, DVM, Livingston Animal and Avian Hospital, Lutz, FL, USA.
This paper offers an outline policy for the sustainability of the LVT road system that considers factors affecting the engineering aspects of the system as well as the externalities present because of the existence of the road network.