LVTCLas Vegas Track Club (Nevada; est. 1969)
LVTCLivermore Valley Tennis Club (Livermore, CA)
LVTCLanding Vehicle, Tracked, Command
LVTCLiving Vicariously Through Corey (technology/humor blog)
LVTCLow-Voltage Tunneling Current
LVTCLow Voltage Technology CMOS (semiconductor devices)
LVTCLehigh Valley Transit Company
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Following our visit at LVTC, Jennifer and I headed to Oxford, where we met with Bryan Amundson, general manager of Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative.
Pericom Semiconductor Corporation , a leading supplier of high-speed and mixed-signal integrated circuits, today introduced the LVTC next generation family of CMOS interface logic devices that can replace traditional BiCMOS LVT technology.
Pericom's LVTC Power Up/Down and Power Off circuits provide this protection to the card and motherboard and prevents them from being damaged when being plugged in or extracted from the backplane.
Compared to BiCMOS logic devices, the LVTC (Low Voltage Technology CMOS) logic family offers better performance and lower cost because of using standard CMOS processing which is widely available in most OEM foundries.