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LWALong Wavelength Array (US Navy)
LWALimited Work Authorization
LWALight Weight Aggregate
LWALand Withdrawal Act
LWALernen, Wissensentdeckung Und Adaptivität (workshop)
LWALawrence Woodmere Academy (Woodmere, NY)
LWALightly Wounded in Action (historical battle terminology)
LWALondon Weighting Allowance (UK)
LWALeaky-Wave Antenna
LWALungujja Women's Association (Uganda)
LWALee, Wei, Amato (Reliability Model)
LWALee Weil Associates, Inc (Chicago, IL)
LWALiving with Autism (various locations)
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Boyer Construction field tested a couple of LWA pumps on its Galveston job sites, and was satisfied with the performance and service life.
Bon-dye manifests itself in the material and spiritual, or energy world, through the spiritual and conceptual essences of the four hundred and one lwa yo and deceased ancestors (lwa rasin or lwa eritaj) (ancestor worship is huge in Haiti), who manifest themselves to the living in dreams, divinations, and bodily possessions so that they can maintain balance and harmony within the material world, which is the manifestation of Bon-dye.
Punta LWA, which is also into architectural design and construction, has completed several projects including the design and construction of the Publicis headquarters in Paris, France; project management of Mercure Hotel, the Hado Group headquarters, and Hado 7, all located in Hanoi, Vietnam; and the foreign architecture coordination project for Lotte Jeju Art Villas in South Korea.
Kumar, "Study of internal curing of HPC using SAPSs and LWA," Asian Journal of Civil Engineering (BHRC), vol.
Au sein de la famille de Deravine, la distance et la prudence qui sont de mises quand il s'agit des zafe des Lwa ont ete bien interiorisees.
In House Accountability: After nearly a decade of in house dredging, the LWA Board of Directors was unable to quantify and verify results and costs escalated.
the Fon people of Benin, invokes the Rada lwa, a spiritual nation
The LWA 4 features a weight/payload ratio of 2:1 and is said by Schunk to be one of the most high-powered lightweight arms in the world.
Berri also welcomed LWA 's decision to name Sheikha Fareeha as an honorary member.
on the lwa to support them in their fight to reclaim their freedom.
Since Oliner [7] first reported the leaky-wave structure, many microstrip LWA designs incorporating various modifications have been explored.
We we r e a lwa y s known as a good cup side i n the pas t , s o i t 's disappointing we have never gone all the way to a final.