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LWALong Wavelength Array (US Navy)
LWALimited Work Authorization
LWALight Weight Aggregate
LWALand Withdrawal Act
LWALernen, Wissensentdeckung Und Adaptivität (workshop)
LWALawrence Woodmere Academy (Woodmere, NY)
LWALightly Wounded in Action (historical battle terminology)
LWALondon Weighting Allowance (UK)
LWALeaky-Wave Antenna
LWALungujja Women's Association (Uganda)
LWALee, Wei, Amato (Reliability Model)
LWALee Weil Associates, Inc (Chicago, IL)
LWALiving with Autism (various locations)
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Il m'a demande de chanter les Lwa pour lui ou que je sois--dans les bateaux comme dans les avions.
New Vision: LWA decided they needed to quantify the sediment problem to create a sustainable sediment management plan.
Schunk states the LWA 4's excellent repeat accuracy of 0.
The obtained results show an improved type of a backfire-to-endfire LWA on coplanar structure.
The lower LWA in site A2 indicates differences in water supply, soil reaction or microclimate between sites.
Only Bwami members of the highest rank, that of lutumbo lwa kindi, are entitled to own an anthropomorphic statuette in ivory (known as an iginga; plural maginga) such as the figurine under discussion here.
The university answered this situation with additional support such as the studycube, LwA or the diligent introduction of independent study assignments.
It is believed that the Lwa spirits, found in traditional Haitian beliefs, helped the people to survive slavery.
No wonder, then, that "in Creole the word for law and god is the same: lwa.
He added, "In particular, the ability to use LightWorks Archive materials (LWA) will allow TurboCAD users to access the growing number of high quality digital materials in the LWA format.
Zwenezwi vha sa athu fhindula a mbo di vha o li posa kha lurumbu lwa havha mukalaha.
In dances they communicate with the lwa, or spirits, who impede and enable human action.