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LWDLogging While Drilling (oil drilling industry)
LWDLabor and Workforce Development (State of New Jersey)
LWDLarge Woody Debris
LWDLittle White Dress
LWDLeri-Weill Dyschondrosteosis
LWDLife With Derek (TV show)
LWDLight Weight Deflectometer
LWDLost Work Day
LWDLittoral Warfare Data
LWDLittle White Dog (West Highland White Terrier)
LWDLiving Well with A Disability
LWDLast Working Day
LWDLandspray While Drilling (waste disposal)
LWDLarger Word
LWDLow-Water Data
LWDLead Web Designer
LWDLeeuwarden (Netherlands)
LWDLone Wolf Development, Inc. (gaming)
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When pullback is complete and the pipe has been installed," he continued, "the saved data can then be transferred wirelessly from the F5 receiver and loaded to a computer with DigiTrak LWD (log while drilling) software.
Wear the LWD with platform wedges in a sumptuous gold or heavenly bronze and accessorise with chunky wooden jewellery, or go ultra girly with a flirty heel in a pastel or vibrant pink.
There are no indications of gas in the LWD and mud log data and final wireline logs will now be run.
1 THAI - Billy Joel (1) hit 2 YST - Hot Chocolate favourite 3 LWD - Two blokes on bikes on TV 4 WR - School drama on TV 5 TCIOTDITN - Mark Haddon (2) book TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the sci-fi movie.
Cameron Diaz, Danni Minogue and Daisy Lowe have all been sporting this season's LWD (that's little white dress), while the likes of Megan Fox upped the wow factor flaunting full-length white Grecian gowns.
In this report, we discuss a 14-year-old girl with mesomelic short stature and bilateral Madelung deformities caused by LWD and describe the radiographic findings.
This LWD NMR tool, at only 12 centimetres in diametre and the first of its type, has been proven in field applications.
1982), with LWD and UWD indicating moderate and heavy intensities, respectively.
Injuries 2001-2007 Year IC-A IC-C IC-D IC-E IC-F IC-M Totals Fatals PPD >5 LWD 1-4 First <1 LWD Aid LWD 2001 2 2 12 5 47 68 2002 2 15 2 60 79 2003 24 8 71 1 104 2004 1 8 19 22 29 79 2005 7 18 20 19 58 122 2006 4 11 14 12 55 96 2007 2 2 14 12 34 64 Totals 5 15 90 82 243 177 612 Lost Work Days Year Totals 2001 521 2002 605 2003 657 2004 189 2005 755 2006 239 2007 33 Totals 2,999
MWD and LWD measures, respectively, wellbore position and formation properties operating in real-time while the well is being drilled.
1,2) Although LWD can affect males with a 45,X gene pattern, it primarily affects women.
Once the primary source was properly identified, the researchers confirmed the measurement results of TCE in the LWD supply wells by the groundwater model.