LWDALabor and Workforce Development Agency (California)
LWDALocal Workforce Development Area (Texas)
LWDALean Weight per Day of Age (beef production)
LWDALong Wavelength Demonstration Array (astrophysics)
LWDALiving Will Directive Act of 1994 (Kentucky)
LWDALakes and Waterways Development Authority (India)
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Along with the Governor's Nurse Education Initiative, the budget also gives LWDA the ability to put some muscle behind current laws by expanding its enforcement efforts against businesses operating in the underground economy.
If the LWDA decides adverse to the employer or fails to act, the employee can file in Superior Court; and
LWDA and DIR's ongoing heat illness prevention media campaign has:
More than 350 people participated in the summit, organized by a public-private partnership representing hospitals, LWDA, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), the construction industry and labor representatives.
E[acute accent]Nevans joined the Department of Industrial Relations, a subsidiary of the LWDA, in 1999 and, as Hoch's chief of programmatic services, has managed the division's administrative functions.
The restaurant industry attracts many non-English speaking workers who can be vulnerable to exploitation," said Jose Millan, deputy secretary of LWDA.
This is a perfect example of the kind of collaboration it takes to attract businesses in California," said Victoria Bradshaw, secretary of LWDA.