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LWIRLong-Wave Infrared
LWIRLost Workday Incident Rate
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These ground-based interceptors use kinetic-kill vehicles (KKVs) that home in on warheads as they fall through outer space, using LWIR sensors.
Title: Global IR Imaging Market (2012 - 2017) - Forecast, Trend & Analysis - Segmentation by Spectrum Range [SWIR, MWIR, LWIR & FWIR cameras], Applications [Commercial, Military & Defense, Industrial, Medical Imaging, Automotive, Others] & Geography
The advanced vision processor provides multiple-image processing and noise-reduction functions, with extensions for edge analytics to achieve optimum LWIR video performance.
These can be deployed on tripod and vehicles for reconnaissance duties while the uncooled UCM (Un-Cooled Module) miniature LWIR thermal camera will be preferred for handheld devices.
The prototype demonstration system built and tested under this effort will consist of two identical pods, each housing a VNIR MSI sensor, a broadband LWIR sensor, a 2D LiDAR sensor, a commercial off the shelf laser, and associated control, storage, and processing electronics.
Currently, LWIR cameras are the most innovative thermal imaging devices available on the market that use uncooled microbolometers to produce high-quality thermal images both during day and night.
Accuracii is available with MWIR 640x512 cooled 15o detectors and three high quality zoom lens options or an innovative LWIR 640x480 uncooled 17o detector coupled with a 25-225mm continuous-zoom lens.
Key Regions - Americas - EMEA - APAC Key Vendors - BAE Systems - ELBIT Systems - Lockheed Martin - Raytheon - Thales Other Prominent Vendors - Northrop Grumman - Rockwell Collins - UTC Aerospace - L-3 Communications - General Dynamics Key Market Driver - Growing Demand for Vetronics - Introduction of InGaAs Detector System - Advancement in EO/IR Technology Key Market Challenge - Issues with Unmanned System - Decline in Defence Spending in US and UK - Meeting the Regulatory Norms Key Market Trend - Shift towards LWIR System - Low-Light Sensors - Usage of Laser Rangefinders - Shift towards EO/ Laser Guidance System Key Questions Answered in this Report - What will the market size be in 2019 and what will the growth rate be?
High resolution - based on a 640 x 480, 17 micron pitch, uncooled LWIR sensor, the module delivers simultaneous Camera Link[sup.
The market for IR detectors from Microbolometers is mainly dominated by LWIR spectral range as majority of the end users applications fall in this range.