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LWOLight Wave Object
LWOLong Wave Optical
LWOLightwave Object (file format)
LWOLawrence Welk's on
LWOLove Won Out (Focus on the Family ministries conference)
LWOLatino World Order (wrestling)
LWOLvov, Ukraine - Snilow (Airport Code)
LWOLaker World Order
LWOLimited Weather Observation
LWOLakewood Wrestling Organization (forum)
LWOTropic Low Water Inequality
LWOLambeth Wind Orchestra (UK)
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For I actually think Jeremy Corbyn has come up with a pretty decent LWO.
But Corbyn's LWO - membership of a customs unit which will protect jobs but enable us to craft our own trade deals and immigration policy - has merit.
The existing research was, however, inadequately designed, with small participant numbers, the inclusion of participants with varying disease severity and poorly described LWO designs.
There was a definite gap in the literature with regards to the use of LWO in the treatment of medial knee OA, and factors such as the effect of lower limb alignment, foot posture and footwear were rarely considered.
The arrested helper of the manager of WWS LWO named Vesilev testified that in 1935 he was recruited by an agent of the Polish intelligence named Zielski, and was passing on information about WWS LWO for financial compensation.
Part-time job is added to capture the significant difference observed in work hours across the stayer and joiner populations before the LWO.
Some LWO speakers portrayed gay activists as a vast threat to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience, akin to the Nazis.
The Berkeley City Council negated this practice on September 19, 2000 when it enacted an amendment to the LWO ("Marina Amendment") regarding employers operating on leased property in the Berkeley Marina.
Borden has also specified Cable Rail and LWO Woodway railings on some of the more modern beachfront homes he's renovated.
The most debated question concerning the LWO has been whether the city would end up paying the whole costs of the mandated higher wages and benefits and, if not, whether employers would respond by laying off workers,'' Sander said.
Among the newest LWO initiatives is the proposed law under consideration by the City and County of San Francisco, which would set a wage standard of $11 per hour for businesses and non-profit organizations that provide services to or lease land from the local government.
Tenders are invited for Repair / renovation of LWO office at Works-I at GSF, Cossipore