LWRTLow-Weight Reinforced Thermoplastics
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Harri Dittmar, QPC's composites market development manager, says the lower density of LWRT composites produces higher stiffness per unit weight than traditional glass-mat thermoplastic (GMT) sheet.
Current efforts are focused on adhesion of pre-painted aluminum skins to SymaLite LWRT cores for roof modules.
The top layer of Tepex significantly increases the strength, stiffness and above all the toughness of the LWRT components.
The benefits of Enea LWRT are most clearly visible in a Communications or Networking application context, e.
For existing customers using Enea s compact kernel RTOS Enea OSEck, Enea LWRT is the best alternative when introducing Linux into their products.
Enea LWRT provides user-space implementations of scheduling, message passing, and resource management, and unlike functionality provided by the kernel, the user-space implementation can be used without the overhead and indeterminism caused by context switches to supervisor mode.
Trends and forecast for various raw materials such as SFT, LFRT, LWRT, GMT, CFRT, SMC, and BMC; Resins such as Polypropylene, Polyester etc.