LWSILutheran World Service - India (also seen as LWS-I)
LWSILivestock Weather Safety Index
LWSILottery & Wagering Solutions, Inc.
LWSILutheran Welfare Services of Illinois
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The professionals of LWSI Technology Services can quickly assess your needs and deliver solutions that maximize your investment for data and communications technologies while protecting your organization from both external and internal threats.
Randy Ready, LWSI Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are very pleased that KidsTLC is taking a lead in using LWSI's Essentia technology to provide an even higher level of care for the children in their community.
We're pleased to provide our clients the ability to utilize LWSI solutions to meet all Stage 1 criteria for Meaningful Use of an EHR," says Mickey Lavender, CEO/President of Lavender and Wyatt Systems, Inc.
The LWSI Solution provides the most comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) available and allows the realization of a true enterprise-wide EHR.
LWSI provides an IGF quote with every proposal that includes projected monthly payments to make it easier for customers to act now and get a step up on the benefits gained by EHRs.
LWSI scoured the market for products that would support the company's efforts to provide well-integrated solutions to its clients seeking a forms management solution.
Verity's products were also more affordable and feature-rich in comparison to others, and so it was a natural for LWSI to choose Verity's products.
With over 20 years of experience in the behavioral health arena, LWSI is uniquely positioned to meet the rapidly changing information management needs of community mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities centers across the nation.
LWSI also has IBM Certification as an Advanced Business Partner, and can boast that they have IBM Certified Software, System and Sales professionals on staff.
Randy Ready, LWSI Chief Operating Officer, said, "It's with great enthusiasm that we announce a partnership with Hamilton Center, Inc.
This first boat launch was the culmination of a lot of work by ACT members following the tsunami: Director of LWSI Howard Jost reports the men caught some fish and shared them with people back on shore.