LWSSLight-Weight SpaceShip (Conway's game of life)
LWSSLocal Web Storage Systems (Microsoft)
LWSSLiving Water, Sealing Spirit (Maxwell Johnson book)
LWSSLow Wall Shear Stress (medicine)
LWSSLois Willis Secretarial Support (Australia)
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With over 1 200 field based staff currently utilising the system, the FC has a requirement to provide a simple, easy to use LWSS that encourages staff participation in the welfare of both the individual and their colleagues.
LWSS modules, however, can eliminate power losses caused by module mismatch, shading, and soiling collection.
From a security point of view, LWSS modules are equipped with Arc Prevention and automatic DC shut off, which provide extra security on each module to minimize fire risk and electrical shock to operators.
Another well specifically targeting the LWSS is needed to determine the commerciality of the interval.
Evidence of gas in the canisters prompted the re-evaluation of the original Albilbah-1 (drilled by a previous operator) well logs to investigate the possibility of gas being present in the pore space of the LWSS.
Flange after 100 mtrs length from RD 0 to 3000 Rmt Augmentation of LWSS Harijan Basti Mangrella in Gram Panchayat Luhna in Teshil Baroh District Kangra (HP) (SCSP).
Line for strengthening and remodeling of LWSS Hathli Scheme under Electrical Division Hamirpur.
Tenders are invited for Provision of SOP to the improvement / remodeling of LWSS Hamirpur Town under Electrical Division HPSEBL Hamirpur.
The LWSS line also has a new feature that limits the maximum voltage of the solar module enabling up to 30% longer string designs than traditional modules.
20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightway, a world-leading, vertically integrated solar company, announced today that its new LWSS Smart Module line will use technology from Tigo Energy and is shipping immediately.
The LWSS was founded by the American Lydia Booth and Edith Bright, who were both married to Liverpool shipping merchants.
The LWSS was a middle-class, cross-party group of campaigners who were mostly already active in other social and political causes.