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LWVLeague of Women Voters
LWVLimburgse Werkgevers Vereniging (Dutch: Limburg Employers Association; Netherlands)
LWVLawrenceville, Illinois (Airport Code)
LWVLight Weight Vehicle
LWVLackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railway Company
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The challenge was not a result of the LWV telegram, but rather careful discussion among Ford's campaign staff.
We believe that the LWV has a perfect right, under the First Amendment, to seek to persuade officeholders, officeseekers, or the general public of its viewpoint on these or any other issues.
Also in May, Joyce Benson, LWV of Duluth, came to Washington, DC, to receive recognition as an outstanding local hostess from the Open World Leadership Center.
The Complaint alleges bad faith by the LWV and the other groups when they represented the website as "non-profit" when they sought an Advisory Opinion for the Federal Election Commission in 1999.
LWV Seattle, WA, president, 2003-07; Voter Service vice president and director, 1977-79, 1983-85; Social Policy Action director 1995-97; Education Fund president, vice president.
LWV Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC, president, 1997-2001; director, chair of Mixed Income Housing Coalition, 2006-present; one of the founders of the LWV Charlotte-Mecklenburg Civics 101 program.
Pinellas, FL, president, 2002-05; LWVNJ secretary, 1997-99; LWV Morris Country, NJ, ILO, president, 1996-98; LWV Morristown, NJ, president, 1995-97; LWVNC Board member, 1977-80; LWV Chatham Township,NJ, president, 1973-75.
Also exists under Notices on the homepage of the LWV Hessen (www.
LWV Pasadena Area: action director, 1996-99; president, 1999-2003; Voters Service director, 2006 to present.
LWV member since 2000 with a focused commitment on making the election process more credible, fighting against any citizen being disenfranchised to vote and educating people of all ages in a fair, nonpartisan manner on governmental issues important to them.
LWV Hastings president, 1992-96; past Voter editor.