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This agreement is expected to result in greater commonality, higher levels of interoperability and more rapid deployment of Cisco IOS software on LWX modules taking advantage of the combined strengths of the N.
Both the TEX and LWX have high resistance to vibration and shock and a seal rating of IP67 (approximately NEMA 6/6P).
Designed for extreme operating environments, the TEX and LWX both feature an all-metal construction.
LAN/WAN Exchange, LWX, Frame Relay Exchange, SONET Transmission Manager, STM and the N.
The LWX Edge Router is an internal feature module for the Promina 800 Series Platform, based on Cisco IOS(R) source code that serve as aggregation devices for IP traffic.
The LWX eliminates the need for external routers in most cases.
The new LWX Edge Router software release features global routing capabilities in support of IP, IPX, DECnet, AppleTalk, Apollo Domain, Banyan VINES and IBM SNA traffic.