LXFLegio X Fretensis (Roman legion)
LXFLeague of Extraordinary Fanfiction
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7 /PRNewswire/ -- Rhozet Corporation today announced support for the MXF and LXF broadcast file formats and automatic fail-over support for its Carbon line of broadcast transcoding products.
Fortunately, LXF has come out with a modestly pri ced and simple-to-operate package called Track 2 that provides the wherewithal for any plant to keep a tight control on their system data.
Caption data extraction from Avid DNxHD, LXF, MPEG-2, GXF, and MXF sources
265; encoding for 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) distribution; Dolby E audio decoding; GXF and LXF format support; and a variety of optional third-party Kayak components.
0's extensive format support also being highlighted include Dolby E audio decoding; input support for media in the GXF and LXF container formats; GXF output support; and SDI ancillary data creation for inclusion as data tracks within interchange formats.