LXGLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie)
LXGLeague of Xtraordinary Gamers (gaming clan)
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By managing all communications with the host, the LXG presents LibraryXpress to the host data management software as a single tape library, regardless of the number of modules and tape drives under its control.
According to Michael Peterson of Strategic Research, a Santa Barbara-based leading storage analyst, "It is almost impossible to plan storage growth, but with scalable architectures like the LXG, it's finally possible to purchase solutions that expand with your changing requirements.
The LXG delivers a single-point library control and the ability to modularly stack LXB units and pass cartridges from module to module.
a technology leader in scalable storage and backup products, is showcasing its LibraryXpress LXG and showing other industry-first products at COMDEX/Fall '96, Nov.
Meanwhile, Fox allegedly based its film on an existing graphic novel but the LXG film is formulated in a manner to more closely resemble COC.
Though Embers is classic storytelling without a preponderance of digital wizardry, he admits LXG is something of a U- turn.
The film, abbreviated to LXG in posters and promotion, will be released in July and is set to knock comicbook heroes such as Daredevil and Spiderman for six.
Based on an acclaimed comic series by Alan Moore, LXG is a bizarre fantasy in which a group of heroes and heroines from the pages of the world's best- loved literature are commissioned by Queen Victoria to combat the threat of a madman bent on world domination.
The event is being organized by LXG Multi Dimensional in collaboration with Masala TV.
Overland sent an engineer on-site who assisted in installing and configuring two new LibraryXpress systems, each equipped with one LXG Global Control Module, two LXB7110 Base Modules, and two LXC Capacity Modules for a total available capacity of more than 2.
It lets you easily upgrade to more drives and cartridges painlessly with the Global Control Module LXG.
Cartridges stored in the new LXG Global Control Module are delivered to the DLT drives contained in the base module via the unique integrated XpressChannel robotics.