LXLLarge Extra Large
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When they were introduced, in 1999, Silver Fox's LXL labels were a "first" for the electrical instrumentation industry - not only because they are available in six colours as well as one that glows in the dark but also because users can produce 24 of these cable labels in around 15 seconds.
The benefits of LXL programs include better management for your properties (whether owned or fee-managed), more and better service for your clients, and a better chance at enhanced fees for extra services.
Lobo was previously a Managing Director of LXL Capital Partners, a Hong Kong-based investment and advisory boutique he formed in 2009 to focus on selective private market investment opportunities, Pan-Asian fund raising and M&A advisory assignments in various market segments, with a particular focus on real estate.
On another set up with air jet weft insertion, the production of OPW airbags will be demonstrated by the Jacquard machine LXL for heavy payload with a weaving width of 280 cm.
The winning freshwater coarse fish carries off a Shakespeare Superteam LXL rod and SKP MACH 3 XT front-drag reel.
From an elevated deck at the booth, visitors could observe the new SX, LX and LXL Jacquard machines operating in combination with Staubli Jacquard harnesses and healds.
A Shakespeare Superteam LXL rod with an SKP MACH 3 XT front-drag reel is top prize for the freshwater coarse fishing winner.
The second noteworthy installation features the new LXL Jacquard machine with 11,682 hooks and Staubli harness.
Great prizes up for grabs include Shakespeare's Superteam LXL rod and MACH 3 XT front-drag reel (pictured) for the winning coarse fish entry.
The best freshwater coarse fish wins a Shakespeare's Superteam LXL rod and MACH 3 XT front-drag reel with an SKP 13ft Commercial rod for the runner-up.
The freshwater coarse fish winner bags a Shakespeare Superteam LXL rod and a MACH 3 XT front-drag reel.
Shakespeare's fine Superteam LXL match rod, paired with their Mach 3 XT frontdrag reel (pictured) waits for October's coarse fishing winner.