LXPLeveraged Execution Providers (Pittsburgh, PA)
LXPLoyalty Exchange Partners (New York, NY)
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This update has enabled LXP to deliver verified and scored leads from form to buyer within 0.
For more information on ReviMedia and the company's innovative LXP platform, please visit http://www.
Four models are available that vary with the carrier--the LXP 200, 300, 400 and 500.
In order to keep up with the ever-changing lead generation industry, and the fast growth of ReviMedia as a company, the core engine of LXP, responsible for lead posting and distribution, has been overhauled.
This update has also made LXP much faster, giving our 200+ buyers an edge in follow-up," said CEO of ReviMedia Frans Van Hulle.
QiQ is the core engine of ReviMedia's proprietary lead exchange platform LXP, which has processed over 6.
More information about the LXP and the rest of the Genesis line is available online at www.
In our effort to make LXP the foremost lead marketplace in the industry, partnering with LeadCloud's platform is a valuable partnership that will add to LXP's value.
We are thrilled that our integration with LXP will offer our lead buyers a new source of high quality, highly filtered insurance leads," added CEO of LeadCloud Brian Ocheltree.
About ReviMedia ReviMedia is a fast-growing lead generation company, offering sophisticated lead exchange with its proprietary platform LXP.
2]O Marketing has built and our platform LXP which connects our other industries.