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LXTLinear Xenon Tube
LXTLocal Exchange Terminal
LXTLithium-Ion Extreme Technology (Makita Tools)
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Models: 550 INDY, 550 INDY 144, 550 INDY LXT, 550 INDY Voyager, 550 INDY Adventure, 600 INDY, 600 INDY SP, 600 INDY Voyager, 800 INDY SP
Fitted with industry-leading, high-capacity, Virtex-6 LXT or Virtex-6 SXT FPGA family devices, the standard platform delivers both exceptional performance via 8-lane PCI Express[R] Gen 2 interface and 2-channel 1,066 Mbps DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM high-speed memory interfaces and rapid evaluation of wide-bandwidth and high-speed data transfer systems.
Spartan-6 LXT Named Innovation of the Year for Unique, State-of-the-Art Electronics in FPGAs
NEC Display Solutions used Xilinx FPGAs from the prototype-making stage of the DLP Cinema Projector, selecting the Virtex-5 LXT for volume production.
The HSEC IP is available as soft core for Virtex[R]-5 TXT and Virtex[R]-6 LXT FPGAs and Altera Stratix[R] IV GT and Altera Stratix[R] IV GX FPGAs, as well as for ASIC implementations.
An FPGA based IIPC compatible with the NXP is available as a soft core for Virtex[R]-5 LXT, FXT and TXT FPGAs.
And, the Xilinx ISE Design Suite, Virtex-6 HXT and Spartan-6 LXT products have been named Innovation of the Year finalists for unique, state-of-the-art electronics in Design Frameworks and FPGAs.
MorethanIP's SPAUI and RXAUI are optimized for Altera's Stratix II GX, Stratix IV, and Xilinx Virtex 5 LXT / FXT devices to provide a compelling solution for storage, telecommunications, and data center applications.
Virtex-6 LXT FPGAs - optimized for applications that require high-performance logic, DSP and serial connectivity with low-power GTX 6.
The FPE320 supports Xilinx Virtex-5 SXT, LXT and FXT FPGAs in the FF1738 package and has a single FMC (VITA 57) mezzanine site for I/O.
The GTX serial transceivers in Virtex-6 LXT and SXT FPGAs are fully characterized across process, voltage and temperature (PVT), and the complete PCI-SIG compliance report is available for download at: http://www.
Virtex-5 LXT & SXT platform PCIe Development Board MIG DDR2 Controller Design - Demonstrates how to create a DDR2 controller using MIG 2.