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LXXSeptuagint (Greek Translation of Hebrew Bible, Ca. 70 BC)
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Some years ago Benzion Wacholder emphasized that the Greek of the LXX was a kind of Yiddish Greek, i.
He discusses investigating the translator's manner of translating, the vorlage of LXX Ezekiel 40-48, near and far contexts of the rendering, and the translator and his target readership.
15) None of these Greek expressions has an analogue in the LXX.
Tanto para los LXX como para la Vulgata, vale aquello de que estas "versiones" son en realidad relecturas, por mas cenidas que esten al itinerario del texto que dicen traducir.
Pero el aparente enigma se resuelve cuando se lee en la version de la Biblia realizada por Eloino Nacar Fuster y Alberto Colunga (Madrid, Biblioteca de autores Cristianos) el primer parrafo de la introduccion a los libros de Samuel: "Los libros que en la Vulgata, como en la version griega de los LXX, llevan el nombre de 1-2 de los Reyes o de los Reinos, se denominan en hebreo de Samuel y formaban un solo libro, sin enlace literario con los precedentes.
A useful feature is the noting of LXX references alongside those of the Masoretic Text and English versions.
Thus, the canonical Mark is to be regarded as a midrash on LXX Is.
4) The LXX rendered taraf in Greek as karphos, a term that has various meanings, such as dry branches, pieces of wood, scraps of wool, and other materials with which a bird builds its nest.
Thomas Dozeman notes the important position of Joshua between the Pentateuch and the Former Prophets, and reminds his readers that the question of the compositional history of this book is complicated by the fact that the MT and LXX canons preserve different versions.
His new material considers the Acts of the Apostles, Genesis LXX, and the Life of Aesop.