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LYDLibyan Dinar (ISO currency code)
LydLydian (linguistics)
LYDLibertad Y Desarrollo (Spanish: Freedom & Development; Las Condes, Chile)
LYDLittle. Yellow. Different. (blog)
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The TVBN content in the dry-cured hams of LYD breed was significantly (p<0.
05), whereas the springiness of LYD ham was significantly (p<0.
05) higher than the values obtained from the hams of KNP and LYD breeds.
On the other hand, the dry-cured ham of LYD breed had higher color and taste scores than the Du ham (p<0.
Insurance against LYD was estimated by expressing citrus income as a percentage of the total fruit (coconut + citrus) income.
37 Cropping Net Cost/ Insurance system income/ha benefit against (US$) ratio LYD Sole coconut 1,656.
The infectious agent is a mycoplasma-like organism (MLO) that is transformed by the insect to cause LYD.
She said that, before LYD came to her region, a woman who baked and sold coconut bread could make the equivalent of about US$75 a week.
Statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Nutrition (MAGA) indicate that losses from LYD amount to one-third of the total annual production of the country-- 15,800 metric tons of coconut grown on 4,188 hectares.
The ill wind that brought them LYD might, however, have blown them some good.
body weight at day 36 (g) *** *** Sampled from 24 litters' data with 3 nursing frequencies and 2 feeding regimes, with 4 litters in each treatment and three female and three male LYD piglets in a litter.