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LYDALaBelle Youth Development Academy (Florida)
LYDALibros y Documentos Antiguos (Spanish: Ancient Books and Documents)
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Initial reports were that the driver may have been entrapped, Lyda said.
During her performances, Argerich will be accompanied by renowned Turkish violinist Ayla Erduran, her daughter violist Lyda Chen, violinist Omer Sipahi and cellist Jing Zhao, a statement from Bogazici University said on Monday.
The young thugs - mainly from posh areas of South Dublin - joined more than 170 teenagers causing mayhem in the Lyda Beach Apartments on the resort of Gouves.
In their testimony, Galveston, Texas, Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas, Shreveport, La.
Under the legislature's rules, the subpoenas must be approved by Lyda Green, the Alaska senate president.
We want our citizens to stay where they are," said Lyda Ann Thomas, mayor of the hard-hit barrier island city of Galveston.
Galveston mayor Lyda Ann Thomas was fearful for those who stayed behind.
We're not sure when any of that will be up and running," said the city's mayor, Lyda Ann Thomas.
Lyda Krewson, 28th Ward Alderwoman and West Ender, treated attendees with a reminiscence of the local and Washington news in the summer of 1972.
Peace I Ask Of Thee, Oh River" by Lyda Phillips is the story of a young woman named El Campbell who had spent all of her childhood summers at Camp Nichia and who has now become a camp counselor.
Lyda flirts, Madeline frets and suddenly a real live angelmoth appears, pale and twitching on the dance equivalent of a spider's web.
Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas said buses used to take people off the island were running in short supply yesterday.