LyPLymphomatoid Papulosis (dermatology)
LYPLee, Yang and Parr (mathematics)
LYPLocal Yellow Pages (directory advertising)
LYPLancaster Young Professionals (Lancaster, PA)
LYPLowcountry Young Professionals (South Carolina)
LYPLoft Youth Project (Scotland, UK)
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FAN L-LUPE NP-002, Vacuum pump RIETSHLE ELMO, LYP MODEL VC 303 (6608932)
In Caucasian populations, a mutated form of LYP (short for lymphoid tyrosine phosphatase) is the third most common single-gene cause of Type 1 diabetes.
Researchers have known that LYP and another protein called CSK (C-terminal Src kinase) work cooperatively to keep the immune system's destructive T cells from being activated.
Because the uncontrolled activation of T cells is a hallmark of many autoimmune diseases, the proper functioning of LYP with CSK is thought to keep T cells in check.
While the normal form of LYP can bind CSK, the disease-associated mutant LYP cannot.
led an international group of scientists in showing that normal LYP can disassociate itself from CSK, which paradoxically makes LYP better at dampening the signals that activate T cells.
These findings explain why the mutant form of LYP is better at limiting T cell activation than normal LYP.
One possible explanation, Tautz said, is that the mutant LYP weakens the action of regulatory T cells, which control the other type of T cells, the kind that causes autoimmunity.
In their study, the researchers also screened 50,000 drug-like chemical compounds and found 33 that have a specific effect on LYP activity.
LYP senior member Miles Copple said: "This is the first time we've taken part in Black History Month, and the group was really keen to get involved.
Differences in chemokine expression (CXCR3 [chemokine (C-XC motif) receptor 3] in 85% of LyPs and 8% of C-ALCLs and CCR4 [C-C chemokine receptor, type 4] in 92% of CALCLs and 15% of LyPs) may also be potentially useful in distinguishing C-ALCL and LyP but have not been evaluated in large numbers of cases.