LZBLandeszentralbank (German: German Bundesbank regional branch)
LZBBulgaria Air (ICAO code)
LZBLa-Z-Boy, Inc. (stock symbol)
LZBLinienzugbeinflussung (cab signalling system of German, Austrian and Spanish high speed trains)
LZBLatvijas Zemes Banka (Latvian: Latvian Land Bank)
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The train control by the application of the LZB system (continuous influence on the train) only those trains are continuously influenced that are equipped by devices of this system, by transfer of the control information via inductive loops laid on the tracks.
Unlike LZB and TVM, in the ETCS Level 2 system the continuous transmission of control information is performed in the wireless way by means of GSM-R system
Hans Reckers, the president of the LZB Hessen, and Franz-Christoph Zeitler, president of the LZB of Bavaria, were proposed from the states run by CDU/CSU governments.
By pushing for a small management board to centralize authority within the Bundesbank, Welteke upset the Lander governments that were eager to place some LZB presidents in the Bundesbank management.
Bavaria's finance minister, Kurt Faltlhauser, made this point very clear: "We want to make sure that no jobs are cut at the LZB in Bavaria and that our LZB stays engaged in bank supervision.
The LZB presidents would not be represented in the new Vorstand but would consult with the management on a regular basis.
They also are under heavy pressure to guarantee that the LZB president will have a say within a slimmed down Bundesbank.
Contract award: Supply and installation, and commissioning of LZB track facilities.
Subject or scope of this tender is the supply, installation and commissioning of equipment LZB route.
The existing system LZB 500 was developed for urban use and for over 40 years and will now be replaced by a new, the current state of-the-art, fully compliant system.
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