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LCNLIncoln (Amtrak station code; Lincoln, IL)
LCNLa Cosa Nostra
LCNLogical Channel Number
LCNLa Coka Nostra (hip-hop group)
LCNLot Control Number
LCNLow Copy Number (DNA or RNA quantity)
LCNLondon Cycle Network (UK)
LCNLogical Cluster Number
LCNLoad Classification Number
LCNLateral Cutaneous Nerve
LCNLocal Computer Network
LCNLocal Communications Network
LCNLincoln County News (Lincoln County, Maine)
LCNLesotho Council of NGOs
LCNLe Canal Nouvelle
LCNLanding Craft, Navigation (US Navy)
LCNLogistics Control Number
LCNLoosely Coupled Network
LCNLSA Control Number
LCNLiverpool Community Network (UK)
LCNLight Cracked Naphtha
LCNLandscape Character Network (UK)
LCNLewis C. Norton
LCNLogistic Support Analysis Control Number
LCNLogistics Code Number
LCNLamborghini Club Nederland (automobile club; Netherlands)
LCNLocally Corrected Nystrom Method
LCNLifeCycle Navigator
LCNLine Control Number (telecom)
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La Cosa Nostra, an Italian phrase which means "our thing" or "our work," is comprised of five original Italian American Mafia families that have been notorious for participating in organized crime in the United States since 1931.
Integrado a la organizacion, presencio la guerra entre los viejos capos como "Big" Jim Colosimo y John Torrio y fue testigo ocular del ascenso de Al Capone a la cabeza de la Cosa Nostra en Chicago.
Ninguna persona que no fuera de padres sicilianos jamas podria ingresar a la Cosa Nostra.
Midnight in Sicily, subtitled On Art, Food, History, Travel and La Cosa Nostra and first published in 1995, is a courageous and formidable work of creative non-fiction.
In several of these schemes, Russian groups have joined forces with La Cosa Nostra.
Unlike the American La Cosa Nostra (LCN), the Italian Mafia, Chinese Triads, and other ethnically-oriented organized-crime groups, ROC does not fit into orderly models.
In fact, media images of La Cosa Nostra seem to be proliferating in direct proportion to the decline of organized crime.
Uncompromising and always provocative, Goodfellas was hailed as one of the most intimate accounts of life inside La Cosa Nostra.
This social science ain't rocket science; we had a dry run (literally) with Prohibition's gentle nurturing of La Cosa Nostra.
This, according to Summers, was one of the main reasons for the dismal record Hoover compiled in doing battle with la Cosa Nostra.
Since the 1930s when Vincent "Jimmy Blue Eyes" Alo, a Mafia lieutenant in the Vito Genovese La Cosa Nostra family in New York, began in a bingo parlor in Broward County, Fla.