LaCHIPLouisiana Children's Health Insurance Program
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The percentage of children who meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid and LaCHIP, but remain uninsured, dropped from 5.
Since 2009, there are 18,326 fewer uninsured children who qualify for Medicaid or LaCHIP coverage.
To learn more about the Medicaid and LaCHIP programs, visit www.
However, not all 9,426 individuals are enrolled in Medicaid or LaCHIP.
The final tally reveals that some of the sampled households contained multiple individuals listed as enrolled in Louisiana Medicaid or LaCHIP programs while other households had only one Medicaid or LaCHIP recipient.
To test this hypothesis, Table 2 presents the percent of matches reporting as enrolled in Medicaid or LaCHIP and the percent of false negatives by match type.
Overall, the respondents accurately identify the insurance status for the majority of the individuals enrolled in Medicaid or LaCHIP.
Just over 80 percent of children are accurately identified as enrolled in the Medicaid or LaCHIP program.
Multiplying this out, this implies 47,970 Louisiana children are reported as uninsured in survey-based estimates when in fact they are covered through LaCHIP.
Among children (under age 19) enrolled in LaCHIP, only 7.
Among children covered by LaCHIP, for example, misreporting is highest among households at or above 200 percent of the federal poverty line.