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LAASLaboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systemes (Toulouse, France)
LAASLocal Area Augmentation System
LAASLogging As A Service
LAASLearning as a Service
LAASLos Angeles Astronomical Society (Los Angeles, CA)
LAASLos Angeles Animal Services
LAASLos Angeles Auto Show (California)
LAASLos Angeles Atherosclerosis Study
LAASLow Altitude Alerting System
LAASLarge Area Aerial Spraying
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An example of how one producer, Thinkbox Software, has implemented LaaS in Azure, illustrates its advantages.
If you take a considered look at the largest laaS providers of today it is only the power of their brand that give them the advantage against their competitors.
To our knowledge, very few cases of a membrane involving the LAA have been described (2, 5-8).
17) are often superior to those of the CSEO, LAAs can greatly assist
This trial is an important milestone demonstrating how global LAA technology will soon provide enhanced consumer benefits to users in Europe, said Matt Grob, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Only 7 per cent of respondents were confident that they could call on all the required skills to manage applications running in laaS environments from an in-house team.
Greenwalt calls LAAS ``one of the largest rescue organizations in the nation.
Honeywell will finalize the system integrity design before initiating the build, installation and support of 10 LAAS ground facilities at nine FAA test centers and major airports across North America.
We are pleased to continue our relationship as their LAAS receiver supplier," said Jonathan Ladd, NovAtel President and CEO.
The receiver is a key component in Raytheon's LAAS ground facility (LGF) being developed for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Contract notice: Cleaning of premises laas building (laboratory analysis and systems architecture) of the cnrs.