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LIPWLong Island Power Wash (New York)
LIPWLabor Intensive Public Works (various locations)
LIPWLancaster Interchurch Peace Witness (Pennsylvania)
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6) Temporary employment created in labor intensive public works subprojects (number of person-days)
In recognition of the importance of ongoing international support during the current phase of Yemen's transition, donors were encouraged to accelerate disbursements, and to direct aid toward effective vehicles such as social safety nets and labor intensive public works.
The intervention aims to scale up a well performing Safety Nets operation, which has included labor intensive public works (LIPW) and cash transfers activities targeting the poorest and most vulnerable people in Guinea.
The Yemen Labor Intensive Public Works Project, the fourth in a series of similar endeavors, is designed for both maximum impact and inclusion.
The short-term objective of this component will be to provide immediate employment for youth with no or little education through Labor Intensive Public Works (LIPW).
The development objectives of the Labor Intensive Public Works Project are to provide needed infrastructure to improve access to basic public services; and to create short term employment.
In line with the current global practices, the project will support: (i) formulation of social protection policy; (ii) scaling up of the Labor Intensive Public Works (LIPW) and the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programs; (iii) designing and rolling out the Ghana National Household Registry (GNHR) for social protection programs and strengthening social protection implementation procedures; and (iv) capacity building to support the implementation of LIPW and LEAP in existing and new districts.
The existing Labor Intensive Public Works Project, which began in 2012 with an initial grant of US$61 million, is expected to benefit about 1.