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LOELesão Ocupando do Espaço (Portuguese: Occupying Lesion Area; neurology)
LOELimited Object Expert (related to Business Objects in IT software development)
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LOELiving Off Equity
LOELoyal Order of Elbows
LOELoyalty Over Everything (band)
LOELeft Otitis Externa
LOELiquid Organic Energy (vegetable oil and fat fuel)
LOELimit of Operating Envelope (nuclear power operation)
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Currently available preventive treatments for migraine have generally been repurposed from other therapeutic areas and are often associated with poor tolerability and lack of efficacy.
A total of 9% of subjects did so because of adverse events, 8% were lost to follow-up, and 2% quit because of lack of efficacy.
While phase II data supported the investigation of the potential benefit of aleglitazar in reducing cardiovascular events in type II diabetes, a lack of efficacy and an increased rate of adverse events including fractures, renal impairment, and heart failure were seen in the AleCardio trial, resulting in an unfavorable benefit/risk profile," a company spokesperson said.
The AAOS did not recommend the use of hyaluronic acid, as with acupuncture and GCS, due to lack of efficacy, not to potential harm.
In his remarks, Zaki laid his stress on adverse drug reactions, or ADRs, and encouraged the medical community to mark any response to a drug which is noxious and unintended, including lack of efficacy.
This trial addresses one of the This impediments to the routine use of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) since it was first performed in 1958: lack of efficacy data from randomized controlled trials The results support an earlier systematic review of uncontrolled case series in which the overall response rates of FMT were 80% through the stomach/small intestine and 92% through colonoscopy/enema.
Among all children, the probability of remaining on the first AED was 76% at 6 months and 58% at 40 months, and drug failures due to lack of tolerability occurred sooner than failures due to a lack of efficacy (a median of 1.
Forty-four switched due to lack of efficacy, 27 of which received oral dose of 17.
Drug repositioning is a term that has recently been coined by the pharmaceutical industry to describe the process of finding new uses for failed drugs, such as those abandoned for lack of efficacy after Phase II trials, or marketed drugs for which new uses will extend patent life and, therefore, profitability.
Three patients stopped treatment early for psychosocial reasons (n = 2) or lack of efficacy.
and colleagues note that studies have shown that circumcision of HIV-infected men does not reduce HPV transmission to their female partners, citing that many factors may account for this lack of efficacy.