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LOELow Earth Orbit
LOELeague of Explorers (Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Expansion)
LOELey Orgánica de Educación (Spanish)
LOELegend of Edda (role-playing game)
LOELegends of Equestria (gaming)
LOELevel Of Effort
LOELack of Efficacy
LOELevel of Evidence (evidence-based medicine)
LOELights Out Edition
LOELaw on Enterprises (Vietnam)
LOELanguage Other than English.
LOELimited Objective Experiment
LOELetter of Explanation
LOELack of Effort
LOELive Operating Environment
LOELoss Of Energy
LOELoss of Exclusivity (pharmaceuticals going off-patent)
LOELetter Of Evaluation
LOELetter of Equivalency
LOELetter of Engagement
LOELine Operational Evaluation (aviation; Advanced Qualification Program)
LOELine of Effort (US DoD; US NASA)
LOELength of Employment
LOELine Oriented Evaluation
LOELesbians On Ecstacy (band)
LOELetter Of Employment
LOELight-Off Examination
LOELack of Entertainment
LOELimit of Error
LOELegacy of Excellence (award)
LOELost on Earth (gaming)
LOELearning and Organizational Effectiveness
LOELove, As Ever (complimentary closing to letters of endearment)
LOELanding on Earth
LOELimit Of Exploitation
LOELoss Of Effect
LOELife of Edition (publishing)
LOELine of Engagement
LOELevel of Edit
LOELegends of Eternity
LOELetter of Excellence
LOELoss of Excitation (generator protection)
LOELoss of Earning Evaluation
LOELease and Operating Expense
LOELegions of Evil (computer game)
LOELords of Eriador (gaming guild)
LOELocal Order Entry
LOELength of Engagement
LOELesão Ocupando do Espaço (Portuguese: Occupying Lesion Area; neurology)
LOELimited Object Expert (related to Business Objects in IT software development)
LOELetter of Execution
LOELiving Off Equity
LOELoyal Order of Elbows
LOELoyalty Over Everything (band)
LOELeft Otitis Externa
LOELiquid Organic Energy (vegetable oil and fat fuel)
LOELimit of Operating Envelope (nuclear power operation)
References in classic literature ?
They were not likely to fool away this high promise for lack of effort.
But it is not through lack of effort," he insisted.
The film sunk at the box office, but not from lack of effort by Petersen, who gives the story some visual pizazz -- thanks to CGI effects -- lacking in the original, which despite its setting was more often than not a talky soap opera.
Clifford (1986) examined the effects of attributing failure to lack of effort, ability, or use of inappropriate strategies.
To be frank, it appears that you're missing the story through lack of effort (Apr.
PIW was founded in 2002 "in response to the growing abuse of charitable funds by nonprofit organizations and the lack of effort by government agencies to deal with the problem," according to its website.
CHRIS BAIRD took a swipe at Sven Goran Eriksson's high rollers for their lack of effort in Belfast.
The reasons for this are many, but it's not for lack of effort by GM.
It's the first time I have heard that here and I don't think anybody can knock us for a lack of effort,' said the captain.
Regarding the assembly wanting to recruit more jobs for the boys, between them and the Welsh Development Agency they have lost more jobs in Wales through their lack of effort.
The first EU Competitiveness Day, staged by European employers under the auspices of UNICE, gave the European business world a chance to vent its anger about the EU institutions' lack of effort to sharpen industry's competitive edge.
When the Pope announces his intention to apologize to the world's Jews for the Church's lack of effort to save them during WW II, various other conspirators aim to do everything they can to block his actions.