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LADALangkawi Development Authority (Malaysia)
LADALaw and Development Association (Zambia)
LADALaser-Assisted Device Alteration
LADALight Air Defense Artillery
LADALegal Aid and Defender Association, Inc (Detroit, MI)
LaDALagrangian Data Assimilation
LADALatent Auto-Immune Diabetes of the Adult
LADALogical Application & Data Architecture
LADALatent Autoimmune Disease of the Adult
LADALarga Distancia (Spanish: Long distance telephone services)
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Only about 1 percent of the raw material in these molecular clouds ever actually makes it into stars during the lifetimes that these clouds exist," Lada says.
Lada will co-chair the membership committee along with Jerry McCraw, Revlon, and Mary Beth Schommer, VaporLok Products.
Renault's F1 team are partsponsored by the Russian makers Avtovaz (with the French firm's 200mph race car having the Lada name and sailboat logo plastered all over it).
Now the buried Lada serves as a symbol of his frustration.
Ramon Medina, director of EMOTO, told Prensa Latina that the first "Cuban" Ladas will roll off the assembly line in mid-2004, with production reaching 4,500 vehicles in 2005.
The Lada disintegrated and softened his fall like a mattress.
The driver of the Lada, William Harte, aged 74, of Brook Street, Bedworth, and the Sierra driver, Dawn Clarke, aged 32, of Sidmouth Close, Nuneaton, were both unhurt.
A far cry from the latest Lada to appear in Moscow, priced at pounds 6,000.
NOTE ON FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS AND RISKS: This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding the ability of the company to realize additional value from the LADA and related technologies, the company's progress on drug discovery and development and the company's financial outlook, including the amount of cash and cash equivalents the company expects as of December 31, 2004.
As he stood waiting for the recovery service, our hero had to suffer catcalls and beeps from a host of other motorists before the final indignity: "An old man in a rusty red Lada went past and gave me the w***r sign".
BACK in the awful '80s Lada were keen to show the British Press their all-new front driven Samara, though I use the words "all" and "new" advisedly.
Lada, a Russia-based automaker, has revealed details of the performance-oriented, Granta Sport, a budget-minded sport sedan.