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LADARLaser Radar
LADARLaser Detection & Ranging
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Commercially available airborne ladar systems for wide-area mapping use only one or a few photodetectors and require thousands of received photons in order to make a measurement.
Rutinas genericas de un componente RACK Clase Tipo Camera Driver Chassis Driver GPS Driver Gyro Driver Joystick Driver Ladar Driver Odometry Driver ServoDrive Driver Path Navigation Pilot Navigation Position Navigation Scan2D Navigation Scan3D Perception ObjectRecognition Perception
As you fly over the area you can generate your own map using the ladar and feed that into the system.
Equipped with LADAR vision, the unit delivers precision accuracy in loading, unloading and stacking pallets.
In [59], the author use TBM and Kalman filter for data fusion in object recognition system that analyses simulated FLIR and LADAR data to recognize and track aircraft.
Telesto lasers are ideal for applications ranging from mapping, surveillance and LADAR to nonlinear optics conversion.
For the LADAR, CAN data interface was chosen (instead of a RS-232 which is the standard interface), because it enables high grabbing speed, up to 1 MBit/s, and it can be easily connected via low cost CAN to USB adaptor to an USB port.
Towards registering LADAR (laser range detection) range images to a priori maps, we have developed an iterative algorithm that can deal with false/spurious matches, occlusions, and outliers for UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) navigation (Madhavan and Messina 2003).
La ecuacion de Schroedinger no era en un inicio el objeto de estudio: resulto serlo en virtud de la realizacion practica del trabajo de campo (he aqui un ejemplo de la importancia que tiene tras ladar la atencion hacia el proceso de produccion en lugar de orientarla hacia los productos resultantes: podemos hacer explicito que la ecuacion no estaba desde el inicio, que fue el proceso de la investigacion lo que determino que nuestra atencion se centrase en ella).
Ladar, Insult Added to Injury: Extended Fallout from a Federal Conviction, in CRIMINAL TAX FRAUD--1997, supra note 196, at D-25, D-26 ("[Collateral consequences] can affect your negotiations with the prosecutor as to specific charges, charging language and plea agreement conditions.
Turbulence sensing laser-rader called ladar, developed with Nasa and USAF can identify areas of temperature differential too subtle for present methods of detection which indicate fields of wind shear in the upper atmosphere.