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LAFTLicensed Aquatic Facility Technician (certification; American Swimming Pool and Spa Association)
LAFTLasallian Animation and Formation Team
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Laying out a 16-inch subsea pipeline for the first time by applying horizontal drilling between Laft and Pahl ports in Qeshm Island is a significant achievement of the development of Hengam oil field," he added.
He also described the construction of a 16-inch subsea pipeline between Laft and Pahl ports in Qeshm Island by means of horizontal drilling technology as one of the greatest achievements regarding the development of the oil field, press tv reported.
Despite dropping her serve late in the second set, the reigning Australian Open champion, laft, kept her composure to claim a 6-1 6-4 win against the French qualifier.
The report reads: 'Laft Saturday 10 Sailors coming to receive their Wages at the Pay Office in Broad ftreet, met there with the Boatfwain of the Ship they laft belonged to, who by the bye had ufed them very cruelly; but being then from under his Command, and refenting the Injuries they had received, beat him very feverely and gravely advifed him to be more merciful for the future.
Devoted husband Mr Albert Laft shot himself after finding his wife Marjorie dead in bed, an inquest heard yesterday.
Pensioner Mr Laft, of Fairstead Close, Pulham Market, Norfolk was found dead in his shed on November 17 last year, the inquest in Norwich was told.
Mrs Laft was found in bed and Mr Laft was in a pool of blood in his shed.
The bridge will connect the Persian Gulf's largest island to the port of Bohal in Iran's Southern Hormozgan province via the port of Laft.
9 on the Richter scale jolted the town of Bandar Laft in Hormozgan province Southern Iran, on Saturday.