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LAMLondon After Midnight (band)
LAMLook at Me
LAMLeave A Message
LAMLactational Amenorrhea Method
LAMLocal Area Multicomputer
LAMLord Almighty
LAMLos Alamos Airport
LAMLimited Area Model (meteorology)
LAMLaboratoire d'Analyses Médicales (French: Medical Analysis Laboratory)
LAMLaser Aiming Module
LAMLand Attack Missile
LAMLampre - Daikin (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
LAMLaughing At Myself
LAMLouisiana Maneuvers
LAMLocal Area Mobility
LAMLocal Area Model
LAMLinhas Aéreas de Moçambique, Mozambique (ICAO code)
LAMLinea Ad Alta Mobilità (Italian)
LAMLongitudinal Acoustic Mode
LAMLearner Approved Motorcycle
LAMCenter for Lasers and Plasmas for Advanced Manufacturing (Old Dominion University)
LAMLoiter/Attack Missile
LAMLobe Attachment Modules
LAMLarge Array Memory
LAMLarge Aperture Module (laser)
LAMLight Attack Munitions (gaming)
LAMLiberalium Artium Magister (Latin: Master of Liberal Arts)
LAMLaunch Alert Message
LAMLocal Acceptance Mask (computer networking)
LAMLocale Apparato Motore (Italian: Engine's Room)
LAMLocal Analog Memory
LAMLauncher Action Message
LAMLocal Asset Manager
LAMLocal Authority Mortgage
LAMLong Ass Meeting
LAMLaboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (French: Astrophysics Laboratory of Marseille)
LAMLibraries, Archives and Museums
LAMLeft-Arm Medium (cricket; also seen as LM)
LAMLatin America Monitor (various locations)
LAMLetters in Applied Microbiology (publication; Society for Applied Microbiology)
LAMLaguna Art Museum (Laguna Beach, CA)
LAMLandscape Architecture Magazine (American Society of Landscape Architects)
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When Tarzan came to the cave mouth the hyenas were nowhere in sight, and after permitting Tibo to quench his thirst in the spring which rose near by, he lifted the boy to his shoulders and set off toward the jungle at a rapid trot, determined to still the annoying howlings of Momaya as quickly as possible, for he shrewdly had guessed that the absence of her balu was the cause of her lamentation.
But soon their murmurs turned again into lamentation when they saw what was to come.
As the movement responded to harassment and persecution from the Jamaican public and the "Babylon police" in the 1950s, these lamentations became increasingly militant with a strong revolution and liberation motif.
I fully support this lamentation and mourn with families British and Iraqi, and those from other nations who have lost their loved ones.
The fact is that there are no less than a dozen or so verses in the Hebrew text of Lamentations where Israel herself acknowledges her guilt and responsibility for the catastrophe in Jerusalem.
All faces turned to hers and assessed her virtue, sincerity, and sagacity according to the qualit y of her lamentation and the quantity -- always decorous -- of moisture clouding her eyes.
Meeting lamentations about the death of the book with actual facts, Thompson (sociology, U.
He continues by saying that statements of religious faith are similar to these lamentations.
Several touching scenes show lamentations by the mothers at the slaughter of their children.
Lamentations and bitter weeping reverberate from the left-wing media, professional politicians, and academia about the failure to pass the ``stimulus'' package.
LAMENTATIONS From the Biblical Guide to Parenting: Of the cloven-hoofed animal, plain or with cheese, you may eat, but not in the living room.
The book is an unstable mixture of cocktail-party declinism (complaints about foreign-born taxi drivers and the sluggishness of customs inspectors at Kennedy Airport), hackneyed business journalism, Kevin Phillips-style lamentations about economic inequality, partly digested economic theory, and a variety of rants and tirades on other subjects (many of which seem well taken but irrelevant).