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LAMMLowe Alpine Mountain Marathon (Scotland, UK)
LAMMLos Angeles Maritime Museum
LAMMLot Allocation Management Module
LAMMLesbian Alliance of Metro Milwaukee (est. 1989)
LAMMLos Amigos Muchos Muertos (Spanish: Many Dead Friends; online gaming)
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Originally, Lamm was cast to play himself, but his heavy travel schedule, due to the company's rapid growth and new offices in Dallas and Houston, caused a last minute casting change.
Lamm notes that Internet-based accounts such as Eacebook, Twitter, and e-mail may not be transferable under their terms of service agreements, but that your fiduciary might be able to request a copy of the digital contents of the accounts.
Many participants have successfully used the skills from the LAMM to develop, communicate and implement a systems-wide change initiative in their agency.
It's something Lamm knows about in his own life, having used cigarettes, food, alcohol and crystal meth to self-medicate the trauma, fear and pain of his own growing up years.
Carl Lamm is providing both the server and the traffic management solution.
Lamm had a baby on the way, and both Cary and Blakey were at work on their respective albums.
Lamm, a pediatrician who specializes in occupational and environmental medicine in Washington.
Probably the most beautiful restaurant we have visited so far this year, the newly remodeled Casa Lamm is certainly a current "in" spot for the fashion-conscious crowd looking for the perfect combination of elegance and good food.
Norman Lamm, President of Yeshiva University, said, "Charles' benevolence and good will extend far and wide, and to Yeshiva University, he has been and will always remain a true friend.
PAEDOPHILE Kenneth Lamm was today waiting to find out if he is able to stay a resident at a Cardiff nursing home.
Kenneth Lamm, now 72 and disabled, carried out the assaults on a schoolboy helping on his milk round in 1960.