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LAPPSLarge Area Plasma Processing System
LAPPSLeague of Arkansas Professional Pet Sitters
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To ensure Veralden rade's commitment to the sky's structural integrity, the Lapps made sacrifices at altars where they installed a split or forked tree or a pillar they called the "pillar of the world.
Church services are 6:30 Christmas Day, with the Lapps in their most exotic costumes.
Modern-day bumpers improve aerodynamics, fuel economy and appearance, but they can easily get dented, scuffed or torn," Lapps commented.
That complex had a small hail for the Sami Parliament (Sameting), the democratically elected body (founded in 1989) which looks after Lapp affairs.
And, the effects of the economy's plagues are definitely having an impact on the automobile industry, says David Lapps, president of Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting, who added that people are repairing old vehicles instead of purchasing new ones to save on money.
The Lapps have to come up with tens of thousands of dollars to meet their share of Katie's tuition over the next four years, while also paying for daughter Amanda, 19, to attend college.
Whether it is a little special pampering for its appearance or regular car washes, there are many things drivers can do to get their vehicles looking clean, bright and smart, said David Lapps, vice president of operations for Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting.
This centre for the Lapps in the farthest North is both a social focus for a people changing from nomadism to settlement, and an important outlet for their crafts to visitors.
Anthony Martino's business interests and acumen extended beyond automobiles into areas such as early childhood education, according to David Lapps.
Lapps has been an industry leader and senior executive in the healthcare industry for more than 35 years, working both domestically and internationally.
Lapp describes this pottery, which she considers exilic, as similar to Persian period pottery elsewhere.
Its other columns contain also the translations of these glosses into Olonets Karelian (Livviks) and Vepsian (Luudiks), as well as into five Lapp dialects ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.