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LARALicensing and Regulatory Affairs (Michigan)
LARALand Access and Recreation Association (UK)
LARALicensed Agencies for Relief in Asia (post-war relief agency; est. 1946; various locations)
LARALight Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft
LARALawsuit Abuse Reduction Act of 2004
LARALabor Aerospace Research Agenda (MIT)
LARALakeland Agricultural Research Association
LARALarcnet Remote Access
LARALow Altitude Radar Altimeter
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4 ANGELINA Jolie learned how to handle weapons from a SAS instructor and had lessons in yoga and kickboxing when she was cast as the action woman in the 2001 movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.
Now 21, Lara (Vikander) is living in London, barely making the rent on a flat and she refuses to take the reins of her father's vast business empire.
It showed Lara in a gun shop, looking more confident as she purchased a pair of her signature handguns while wearing either her familiar ponytail or braids.
Lara says Dargie abused his position and is angry he was allowed to return to coaching after a two-year suspension by Triathlon Scotland.
Recently Lara has posted more messages on her Instagram account about her friends including photographer pal Michael Angel than her husband.
Manzeene Village completes the planning picture for the Lara West growth front, which will feature an employment precinct, a large neighbourhood activity hub, three new schools, community services, sporting facilities and parkland that can be enjoyed by everyone in the region.
Osorio de la UCLA Especies Localidad, estado, municipio Fecha y altitud Copestylum Churuguara, Falcon, Federacion, 26/V/1977 isabellina 850 msnm (Williston 1887) Pico Pico, Lara, Crespo, 1000 16/IV/1981 msnm Tarabana, Lara, Palavecino, 21/II/1991; 500 msnm 21/XII/1993 Burere, Lara, Torres, 422 msnm 28/III/1998 Pavia, Lara, Iribarren, 564 msnm 2/VI/1998 Macanillas, Falcon, Petit, 25/VIII/1998 800 msnm Copestylum Hato Arriba, Lara, Moran, 17/XII/1975 musicanum 1600 msnm (Curran 1930) Copestylum Tarabana, Lara, Palavecino, 10/I/1991 punctiferum 500 msnm (Bigot 1875) Copestylum rurale Piedra del Tigre, Lara, 16/IV/1970 (Curran 1939) Iribarren, 1500 msnm La Capilla, Lara, Andres E.
Inspired by her dad Paul, who is also a black belt, Lara took up martial arts at the age of seven and used to train with her younger brother Callum.
Lara Bingle was along with her rich British financier Ben Goldsmith in dinner party while the event planned on last week before his arrival back to Sydney on June 21 after three-week summer holidays around Thailand and Europe.
Newell's are deserving favourites for this tie but offer little value as current Venezuelan champions Lara are unlikely to be pushovers and both teams to score at 5-4 with bet365 looks the way to go.
IANS SOON the stork is going to visit the house of Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi.
THE STAGE is set for Lara Dutta's wedding with tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi.