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LCOLac Courte Oreilles (Wisconsin Native American Tribe)
LCOLithuanian Chamber Orchestra (est. 1960)
LCOLiquid Carry Over (well site management)
LCOLodge and Convention (Lac Courte Oreilles Indian tribe; Hawyard, WI)
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LCOLas Campanas Observatory (Chile)
LCOLegislative Competence Order (Wales, UK)
LCOLight Cycle Oil
LCOLocal Census Office
LCOLevine Communications Office (PR firm; Los Angeles, CA, USA)
LCOLimit Cycle Oscillation
LCOLife Cycle Objectives (software development)
LCOLocal Cable Operator
LCOLangues et Cultures d'Origine (French: Languages and Cultures of Origin)
LCOLondon Contemporary Orchestra (UK)
LCOLithium Cobalt Oxide (batteries)
LCOLate Check Out (lodging)
LCOLimiting Condition of Operation
LCOLara Croft Online (gaming site)
LCOLloyds Claims Office (insurance; Lloyds of London; London, UK)
LCOLighterage Control Officer
LCOLocal Compliance Officer
LCOLifeline Connectivity Obligation (International Telecommunications Satellites Organization)
LCOLow Cost of Ownership
LCOLoopback Command Off
LCOLand Conservation Officer
LCOLand Combat Operations
LCOLabour Conciliation Officer
LCOLaunching Control Officer
LCOLaunch Control Office(r)
LCOLeyssens & Co
LCOLocal Control Organization
LCOLawn Care Operation/Operator
LCOLiquid Crystal Oscillator
LCOLayered Cobalt Oxide
LCOLate Cornish (linguistics)
LCOLiteral Change Operator
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Govert Schilling provided an interesting overview of observatories in Chile in his article "Heaven on Earth" (September issue, page 28), but I would like to clarify that Las Campanas Observatory was founded, is owned, and continues to be operated by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, not the five American institutions ascribed by Schilling.
Kunkel of the Carnegie Institution of Washingtons Las Campanas Observatory in La Serena, Chile, reported that in the partner's core is still burning hydrogen, the star has less than 2.
Smith Telescope at McDonald Observatory, and the rest of the stars with the Clay Magellan Telescope at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.
5-meter telescope at Carnegie's Las Campanas Observatory was used to determine the orbit of 2012 VP113 and obtain detailed information about its surface properties.
The team observed eight of these binary systems over eight years, gathering data at Las Campanas Observatory and the European Southern Observatory.
5-meter telescope at Las Campanas Observatory in La Serena, Chile.
A team of astronomers, led by James Rhoads, Sangeeta Malhotra, and Pascale Hibon of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU, identified the remote galaxy after scanning a moon-sized patch of sky with the IMACS instrument on the Magellan Telescopes at the Carnegie Institution's Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.
Carnegie, responsible for Mount Wilson, later abandoned it, to focus its attention on the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.
Last month, Paczynski and his colleagues began their search with a 14-inch telescope at Las Campanas Observatory in La Serena, Chile.
5-meter telescope at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile to capture repeated images of a brown dwarf dubbed 2MASS 2139 over several hours, recording the largest variations in brightness ever seen on a cool brown dwarf.
5-meter Magellan-Baade telescope at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile, IMACS can acquire both images and spectra.