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LFMLast.fm (music community website)
LFMLooking for More
LFMLandesanstalt für Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany)
LFMLeaders for Manufacturing (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
LFMLinear Feet per Minute
LFMLateral Force Microscopy
LFMLa Familia Michoacana (Mexican drug cartel)
LFMLinear Frequency Modulation
LFMLooking for Member
LFMLooking For Men (gaming)
LFMLogical Frameworks and Meta-Languages (International Workshop)
LFMLight Field Mapping (Intel)
LFMLangley Formal Methods (NASA)
LFMLaufender Meter (German: Current Meter)
LFMLiquid Flow Meter (Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co.; Germany)
LFMLaboratório Farmacêutico da Marinha (Brasil)
LFMLycée Franco-Mexicain (Mexico)
LFMLycée Français de Madrid (French: French School in Madrid)
LFMLanding Force Manual
LFMLa Française de Maintenance (Vélizy, France)
LFMLongmont Farmers Market (Longmont, Colorado)
LFMLow Frequency Module
LFMLast Friday of the Month
LFMLinearized Fine Model
LFMLocal Fault Manager
LFMLost and Found Ministries
LFMLibrary File Maintenance
LFMLight Form Modeler (laser scanner)
LFMLiquid Factor Molten
LFMLink Fault Management (operation and maintenance standard)
LFMLiquid Fuel Maintenance
LFMLoose Fruit Museum (band)
LFMLeft-Arm Fast Medium (cricket)
LFMLife Frequency Modulation (radio station)
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The B2C market was already dominated by key players such as Pandora and Last.
This update will enable Xbox LIVE members around the world to view and update Facebook and Twitter, listen to streamed music via Last.
Por suerte, en Inglaterra no estan tan ridiculamente cerrados y podemos utilizar el servicio de Last.
and need your Stephanie Miller fix, that's a heck of a motivator to stay with the station throughout the day instead of logging on to Last.
Artists will receive revenue for each video streamed to a Last.
iTunes Radio is designed to compete with rival services like Pandora and Last.
28 -- Nokia takes on music streaming services such as Spotify and Last.
Additional features include: a hangout creates an "umbrella" capturing guestlist, comments, check-ins and photos that act as a digital memory capture; users can import their Facebook Likes, connect their Last.
com was among a list of launch partners that also includes Pitchfork, Rolling Stone Last.
Next Big Sound measures how popular bands are online at sites including Facebook, Last.
London, April 20 (ANI): US band The Killers has bagged the title of 'most played song' since the launch of online service last.