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1) Leivu linguistic enclave was in the area where Latgalian High Latvian is spoken (Viitso 2009; cf.
The Law also ensures the maintenance, protection and development of the Latgalian written language as a historic variant of the Latvian language (Art.
To the west, Metsepole bordered on the east coast of the Gulf of Riga, to the east on the northern Baltic Latgalian county Talava, to the southeast on the Livonian Idumea County, and to the south on the Livonian Turaida County with Gauja Livonians.
Led by conductor Guntis Kuzma, the audience will hear the enchanted wisdom of Lithuanian composer Rimanta Serksnyte, latticed symbols from the WWII era by Latgalian soundsmith Janis Ivanovs, and Estonia's Arvo Part striking ritual bells with one of his most famous pieces Fratres.
As far as we know the Livonian language area bordered on Livonoid or Tamian Low Latvian and the Leivu language area was surrounded by Latgalian High Latvian.
Households in Latgale depend more on income from pensions and benefits than people in the rest of the country In 2015, more than one third of income per Latgalian household member came from pensions and benefits.
The hypothetical influence depends in turn on dating the corresponding change in the Latgalian dialect, which may or may not have been completed while the Livonians were still inhabiting their original extended territory.
A new Latgale flag has been officially in use locally since its consecration in 2011 and the Latgalian language --which owes much of its survival over time to its use in Roman Catholic services in the region--has received more attention.
In the opinion of internationally acclaimed Latvian pianist Vestards Shimkus, everything in Gors (meaning "spirit" in the local Latgalian language) in Rezekne and Great Amber in Liepaja has been constructed close to perfection at the highest international level standards.
The novelty of 2016 is the recently opened Shmakovka Museum, where one will be told the story about the oldest Latgalian alcoholic beverage refined over the course of many centuries--Shmakovka.
The US' perception of the Latgalian region of Latvia, in eastern Latvia where many Russian speakers live, is that it might be annexed like Crimea, Ukraine.
Antonio Andrades' Flamenco Agency from Spain will stage performances of "Carmen" at the Riga Congress Centre (April 12), Ventspils Theatre House (April 13), in Rezekne at the Latgalian Embassy Gors (April 15), and the Vidzeme Concert Hall in Cesis (April 16).