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LAVCLos Angeles Valley College
LAVCLocal Area VAX Cluster (DEC)
LAVCLeeds Archive of Vernacular Culture (project; UK)
LAVCLigue d'Auvergne pour Véhicules de Collection (French vehicle collectors club)
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The LAVC continues to adapt to health care trends in the local community by expanding its range of services.
Our diversified services will help moderate the impact of future fee reductions being put into place by Medicare and ensure that the LAVC can continue offering patients the care they need.
In addition to its core services, LAVC provides other advanced procedures that improve health and avoid hospitalizations for both ESRD and non-ESRD patients.
Hertzberg donated $100,000 to the Patrons Association of LAVC to kick off the endowment campaign, which will fund programs and services at the Center.
Located on 105 acres in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, LAVC is one of nine campuses within LACCD.
Established in 1949, LAVC has educated more than 1.
50- per-hour job at a discount store wasn't going to cut it in the long run, Linares re-enrolled at LAVC in 2005.
During spring break, she went to New Orleans to help rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina, teaming up with 18 other LAVC students and three faculty members.
Unable to afford medical school, he worked as a pharmacy manager and took classes at LAVC to become a nurse, noting as he did so the shortage of nursing instructors.
Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick, who attended LAVC in the 1980s, told the LAVC graduates she hoped they have fulfilling lives ahead of them, and urged them to keep learning and to own their decisions.
LAVC President Tyree Wieder noted that the college had the second-highest number of students, after East Los Angeles College's 7,183, which had a nearly 8 percent increase over last year.
Stephanie, 34, and Joe Gonzalez, 41, of West Hills originally thought it would be fun to take a martial arts class together after work and decided to check out Douglas Riffenburgh's Shorin-Ryu karate class on the LAVC campus.