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LAVILeft Atrial Volume Index
LAVILaboratorio de Virus (virus creation tools)
LAVILos Angeles Vocational Institute (Los Angeles, CA)
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LAVI Dead Sea Sinus Solutions are ideal for anyone, including women who are pregnant, those with high blood pressure, and especially for those for whom prescription or medicated sinus or allergy products may be contraindicated, including cancer patients, older Americans, young children and those undergoing post-operative care.
Barbara Lavi, clinical psychologist and author, launches Dreams on Wheels 2012, a celebration of her book's new Kindle edition with Kiwi Publishing on Amazon.
Simon Lavi has been named a Compassionate Doctor honoree for 2011.
Through its groundbreaking SOA software and commitment to open source licensing and development, WSO2 is redefining how enterprise architects and developers bring greater agility, efficiency and insight into their organizations," said Lavi de Silva.
We are always looking for ways to improve and introduce products that respond to our customers' needs," said Greg Weiss, COO, Lavi Industries.
Lavi Industries' Qtrac VR Electronic Virtual Queuing takes retail crowd control to a new level by eliminating the customer queue.
com was conceived and launched by Alon Lavi who had become increasingly frustrated by the lack of an up-to-date, relevant, informative and concise guide to business destinations.
Lavi Industries, a leader in crowd control and public guidance solutions, announced today its expanded line of NeXtrac[TM] In-Line Merchandising solutions.
LAVI is a holding company whose primary business operations are conducted through its 99.
It's a very hard for my wife and me to face this ordeal," says Gili Ben Moshe, "but Lavi came into this world with a purpose.
It took the parents 24 hours to start their quest to save Lavi.
Reyes utilizes Lavi Industries' Beltrac[R] retractable-belt crowd control stanchions as a central element in the work focusing on the impact and meanings of lines, crowd patterning and individual directions in the 21st century.