LBDILiberia Bank for Development and Investment (Monrovia, Liberia)
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The employees of Credo and holding company LBDI have set the bar high and are experts in relentlessly exploiting emerging gaps within the construction market, offering luxury Italian kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, lighting and custom wall coverings.
LBDI has shown positive results already by recruiting the services of an Italian generator and substation specialist previously limited in its export scope to the nations of South Africa and Asia.
LBDI has also set up an aluminium company called Profession involved in facade assembly, and a new block factory, for in-house work of the company's parent Khayyat Group, is currently in the process of having its machines delivered from Germany.
But, despite telling the world in various press conferences since Taylor's arrest in March 2006 that he had "millions stashed in bank accounts around the world", the prosecution have not been able to produce in court any more accounts beyond the LBDI account.
In fact, details of the LBDI account had been published years back by the United Nations Security Council on its website as part of a separate investigation conducted by the UN Panel of Experts [on Liberia].