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The triple interaction species x irrigation methods x saline water (S x M x W) had significant effect on the variables plant height (PH), stem diameter (SD), number of branches (NB), leaf area (LA), specific leaf area (SLA) and leaf area ratio (LAR) (Table 3).
Total leaf area (A); average leaf area (B); total leaf dry mass (C); average leaf dry mass (D); stem dry mass (E); root dry mass (F); root length (G); total dry mass (H); LAR = leaf area ratio (I); SLA = specific leaf area (J); RSR = root/stem ratio (K).
Crop growth indices such as leaf area index (LAI), net assimilation rate (NAR), relative growth rate (RGR) and leaf area ratio (LAR) are important traits in crop physiology.
1]) 191 [+ or -] 4 a Plant height (PH), stem diameter (SD), number of leaves (NL), leaf area (LA), leaf dry biomass (LDB), stem dry biomass (SDB), root dry biomass (RDB) and total dry biomass (TDB), specific leaf area (SLA) and leaf area ratio (LAR).
The leaf area, plant dry and fresh weights were used as a measure of growth by calculating the leaf area ratio (LAR), relative growth rate (RGR) and unit leaf rate (ULR) using the classical growth analysis methods (Hunt, 1982).
75% University soil especially showed more pronounced declination in plant height, plant cover, numbers of leaves and leaflets, leaf area, root, leaf and total plant dry weights, root/shoot, leaf weight and leaf area ratios of L.
The main indices to analyze plant growth are the Relative Growth Rate (RGR) that represents plant efficiency to produce new material in a specific period; the Unit Leaf Rate (ULR), equivalent to the Net Assimilation Rate (NAR), that measures the efficiency of the foliar area to produce new material in a specific period, and the Leaf Area Ratio (LAR), which indicates the leaf area quantity produced in relation to the total dry weight of the plant (Hunt, 1982; Becerril and Quinlan, 1993).
Seven variables were considered: leaf mass per unit area, leaf area ratio (total leaf surface area per whole plant mass, [m.
Measurements of leaf area and biomass (70 C oven dry for 48 h) of the harvested stem segments served as the basis for calculation of leaf area ratio (LAR), i.
Specific leaf area (SLA) and leaf area ratio (LAR) increased sharply and monotonically with decreasing light.